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Our breeding priority: we pride ourselves on thoroughly screening our dogs, standing behind our high health standards, and working towards the healthiest Newfoundland Dogs possible. We do not breed our dogs before 24 months of age ensuring they are fully grown and we have had a chance to complete all health clearances (dogs cannot be certified with the OFA under 24 months). Our dogs are hip, elbow and patella OFA certified, CERF'ed (eye screening), thyroid checked and certified normal, cardiologist cleared, cystinuria screened, as well as having over 40 bio-chemistry blood factors checked to ensure no underlying conditions are overlooked (including the screening of issues such as Von Willebrands disease, diabetes, proper kidney and liver function, etc). We also research the history of each dog to ensure long lines of outstanding health in previous generations.

We select our dogs for outstanding temperament (obtaining Canine Good Neighbor titles on all of our dogs showing calm temperaments in various situations), and from championship bloodlines when feasible.  We believe overall animal quality is more important than the number of champions in a pedigree.  Champions come and go - health is for a lifetime.

We do not believe in keeping our dogs outside in kennels or having too many to care for and interact with. Our intention is to have our dogs all come into the world with love, and will remain with us until they cross "Rainbow Bridge". All of our dogs live full, rich lives with nature walks, trips to the ocean, and lots of adventures... and sleeping on our bed (sometimes it's a snug fit... but we love every second of it!). 

Our puppies leave our homes after nine weeks of age after they have been cardiologist screened, checked and vaccinated by AVC veterinarians, and have been given extra social lessons from their mother.  They arrive in your arms with all the necessities needed to make your transitions stress free (Individual Puppy Starter Kits - food, leash/collar, training information, and so much more), Minimum Two Year Health Warranty, micro-chipped, CKC registered, socialized, and the peace of mind knowing that we have taken every step possible to ensure your puppy is healthy, happy, and is ready to become a loving member of your family. 
So where exactly am I going to sleep?
A common question.
Quenya takes up half the van.... she's a BIG girl.
Three-bears in bed.... not much room left at all...
Quenya and Mani hanging out in the living-room.
No one sneaks past Inary... Official door-greeter.
Hiawatta winning wrestling match against Inary.
Ozzy,Quenya (on bed), Mani and Booster (floor) waiting for us to come to bed.
Hiawatta taking a victory nap.
Mani with Piglet (closest to her) and Rufus (left).
Puppies playing.