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So, you want a Newfoundland Puppy:
You should NEVER feel pressure to get a puppy or rushed into a decision. I would strongly suggest taking the time to get to know a breeder, in fact, get to know a couple. Ask about breeding practices, history, their dogs, health screening, training methods, etc.

How do you know who to trust? That's a hard question. Every breeder is different, with different views and opinions on how dog breeding should be handled. If you take anything from me:
-  Review how the adult dogs are kept and what kind of life they live.  Find out how the breeder cares for their dogs - where do they sleep?  Are they socialized?  How often do they breed their dogs?  Purchasing a puppy from a breeder that poorly cares for their animals only continues to support their terrible practices.  As well - if their adult dogs are not cared for properly you can be assured your puppy hasn't been cared for properly.  You have a choice in ending puppy-mills.
-  Find out what kind of warranty and/or commitments the breeder is going to make to you and to the puppy.   Your breeder should offer you at LEAST a one year warranty protecting against congenial defects - but find out what the warranty is:  a replacement puppy if you send yours back; a portion of your purchase price towards treatment; a replacement puppy only if your pet is euthanized, etc?  Make sure you understand the agreement so you know what support you can expect in the event something happens.
-  Be sure you get a copy of the purchase agreement and agree to all the terms.  Make sure you know what you are getting into and ask questions about terms you are unclear of.
-  Talk to them to get a feel for what kind of a person they really are - is this someone you'll be able to talk to for the better part of a decade or are they going to drive you crazy?  You should feel comfortable to contact your breeder with all your questions day or night - they are there to help you and should welcome the opportunity to offer their advice.
-  Take a look at websites that offer questionnaires on finding a good ethical breeder and ask breeders lots of questions: they don't pull punches when making sure you meet their standards for being a good owner!
-  Last - do you feel good about this? If something strikes you as not feeling right, listen to it.
Getting a new pet is a very big committment for you and everyone involved.  Be sure to discuss this exciting decision with everyone and be up-front with your breeder.  Between you both you will come to a mutual decision if this is the right breed for you.

If interested in our upcoming litter and/or getting a puppy, learning more about our dogs or about the breed, if you'd like a copy of our purchase agreement for pet or show potential puppies, or just have questions in general, please feel free to contact me anytime: