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First of all, we do not have ‘kennel-dogs’: we are people with PASSION for Newfoundland Dogs. My husband and I are located on three acres of land overlooking the Clyde River, PEI where our dogs have over 1,000 ft of water frontage to frolic in, chase birds, and be true Newfoundland Dogs. Our 'furry-kids' spend their days between being in our home, where they rule-the-roost, and lounging on the decks overlooking the river. Every night they are lovingly underfoot where they can eagerly greet guests and be a part of our lives as our loved pets.
My father is from Newfoundland so I spent many summers there during my childhood and teen years and as a result, I fell in love with the breed from an early age.  Ozzy was my husband and I's first Newfoundland dog - and we fell even more in love with the breed... and the rest is history!
We work our dogs in the traditional roles of the breed: drafting, (and new - bike-joring), dabble in water rescue, as well as competing in pure-bred dog sports such as rally-obedience, obedience, and conformation. Most importantly: they are our companions that we love and cherish each day
Having my BSc in Biology, I ensure our dogs and puppies are carefully evaluated and screened for hereditary and physical
problems affecting the breed.

Our focus is on improving the overall health, maintaining the
sweet and loving disposition, and staying true to the
traditional working Newfoundland Dog in appearance and in their desire to perform tasks.
About Vicki Leggo:  BSc Biology; worked at the Atlantic Veterinary College (PEI) for over seven years; and a member in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club, as well as being President of the Island Dog Club, Inc.
Photo above: left to right - Quenya, Mani, Ozzy, Booster