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We are pleased to present our 'fur-babies'.  To the upper right you can click on
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Candid photos can be found at the bottom of "The Alegup Difference" web-page.
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Inary (pronounced "E-nar-E"), imported from Belgium, is an amazing boy with so much love and joy.  A gentle dog that enjoys attention and loves to play with his toys every chance he gets... his favorite game is "keep-away".  He is a big dog with an even bigger heart - he is absolutely amazing with children.  We are so lucky to have this gentle bear in our home.
Inary embodies what "Newfoundland Dog" is: big in body and in spirit.
Rufus is an amazing boy!  Bigger than life personality, sweet disposition... and a stellar show-dog to boot quickly earning the nickname "Zoolander" on his first show weekend out.... he just seemed to know that he was "really, really, really good looking" striking a pose.
Rufus lives with his forever family in Moncton, NB as a happy companion first and a show-dog as a hobby and fun on the side.  His family has been his own personal cheering squad/pageant parents on the short-show circuit and just fantastic support on this amazing ride.
"Mani" is a real sweet-heart that is full of love and affection. She loves to give kisses and hugs whenever she can - a truly sweet girl without a mean bone in her body. Mani LOVES making people laugh and is always clowning around. This amazing girl has several big show wins to her credit proving she's a real 'head-turner' to the judges. An attentive mother and gentle soul - we couldn't have asked for a more wonderful girl.
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"Booster" is our very first Alegup puppy - and we couldn't be happier with all this girl has achieved. We are very proud of this little fiesty girl - she has the attitude of 'everyone should be paying attention to me', with brains to spare! Booster marches to her own drummer, is very independant, active, and out-going... but has a softer-gentler side - a terrific cuddly girl. Booster has produced outstanding puppies and we look forward to carrying her legacy forward. Booster is truly wonderful with children (usually the trouble-maker in the bunch)!
Piglet is not a name we ever intended... it stuck!  A singleton puppy of Mani x Ozzy, she was the only puppy and was well-fed by her mother.  She was a little 'Piglet' as a puppy... and never grew out of it!
Beautiful show-dog, elegant mover and fantastic structure, Piglet is on the move in the show rings as well as the most amazing nanny to children and puppies.  A real sweet-heart that loves everyone she meets.  She is outstanding with children and puppies - we are so glad to have our "Piggler-Wiggler" in our lives.
Hiawatta (prounounced "He-ah-watt-ah"), an import from Belgium, is a very sweet, kind, and gentle 'girly-girl'.  She loves being pampered and cuddling on the couch (spoiled and knows it!).  She also has an amazing work drive proving herself to be an amazing draft dog - she LOVES harness work. 
Hiawatta has now retired from the show rings and is contented to join others on the retirement-couch.  She continues to spread joy and happiness to everyone she meets.
Quenya (pronounced "Kenya") comes from North Carolina, USA - an outstanding combination of American and European lines.  She is a beautiful girl with a very sweet and gentle personality.  She has the hallmark personality of the breed being a 'child magnet' everywhere she goes.  She loves nature walks, meeting new people... and anything small and furry (she regularly attempts to adopt any small creature she meets).
As the matriarch of the house she enjoys the 'entitled' lifestyle of pretty-much doing whatever she likes.  Being a fairly laid-back dog by nature, her 'busy' days consists of naps and chasing crows (a new hobby).
Ozzy, an import from the Netherlands, comes from generations of healthy working dogs.  He's delight with great energy and a strong work drive.  His favorite activities include swimming, obedience work, anything that requires wearing a work harness (drafting and sledding) and loves  conformation shows.  We are thrilled with all of Ozzy's show accomplishments and are thrilled to have this wonderful boy in our lives. 
At the ripe-ol'  age of nine years old, Ozzy has decided it's time to focus on things he enjoys - harness working and water-rescue.  Coming from healthy long-lived lines, we expect Ozzy will have many more years ahead of him to show future Alegup pups what traditional working-Newfs are all about.